Acetylcholine processing in a synapse. After release acetylcholine is broken down by the enzyme acetylcholinesterase.

What are Cholinergics?

When a supplement enhances the activity of acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter linked to memory and attention span, it is said to be cholinergic. Cholinergics have been studied in the setting of Alzheimer’s disease; however, more research is needed to determine their impact on cognition in younger individuals. What Cholinergic sources are there? Choline Bitartrate, Alpha […]

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What is the legal status of a Nootropic?

Nootropics or Nootropics are natural or synthetic substances that can affect mental and psychological functions. This can be by influencing neurotransmission (signal transfer between neurons), bioenergetics (the brain’s use of energy) or protecting neurons from damage and dysfunction. Such nootropics can affect cognitive functions such as memory, alertness, attention, and various abilities that determine intelligence. […]

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Limitless continues!

The high-profile film ‘Limitless’ has been continued in the form of a series at CBS. In this movie ‘Limitless’ we followed the life of Eddie, a hopeless writer who could no longer find motivation for the things in his life. With the smart drug NZT-48, he suddenly became faster, learned better and became a better […]

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Become the smartest in the world with a single smart drug NZT!

It sounds like a distant dream. Become the smartest in the world with a pill. Your brain only uses 20% of its total capacity. The remaining 80% is therefore not used and can therefore in theory be addressed. That’s exactly what happens in the movie Limitless. The unmotivated writer Eddie Mora sits on the verge […]

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StarCap 1500®

What is StarCap 1500®? StarCap 1500® is a unique combined blend of globally accepted excipients, corn starch and pregelatinized starch, designed for use in capsules and tablets. Properties Manufactured in a cGMP facility dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry and supported by a team of technical experts, StarCap 1500 demonstrates good physical, chemical and microbiological stability. […]


What are Neurotransmitters?

Where two neurons meet, a very small gap (synapse) exists between them. The electrical impulse traveling along the axon of the neuron must convert into a chemical signal to bridge this gap. The chemicals that do this are called neurotransmitters. These so-called chemical messengers are involved in our different responses to situations. Your emotions depend […]

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Certificate of Analysis

What is a Certificate of Analysis? A Certificate of Analysis may sometimes be referred to as a COA, a CofA, a Certificate of Conformity, or a Certificate of Conformity. It is a document certifying that a product delivered meets the specifications of the recipient. The content of a Certificate of Analysis varies by industry and […]

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Nootropics, what are they?

Nootropics can help to be comfortable in your skin. There are many different substances which all take effect in their own way and have their own advantages. In a totally natural way, you can ensure more energy, a better concentration, better sleep and much more! Go to the shop In the Netherlands, it is already […]

Despite several studies on nootropics, no health claim can and should not be made on the effect and properties of the products. Read the instructions before use!