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Become the smartest in the world with a single smart drug NZT!

It sounds like a distant dream. Become the smartest in the world with a pill. Your brain only uses 20% of its total capacity. The remaining 80% is therefore not used and can therefore in theory be addressed. That’s exactly what happens in the movie Limitless. The unmotivated writer Eddie Mora sits on the verge of being rounded. His book has to be finished, his girlfriend is done with his laziness and finding a ‘real’ job is no longer an option. Then he meets his ex-wife’s brother. He used to be a drug dealer. He arrives with a smart drug, also known as NZT-48. He may try these smart drugs as a gift. These smart drugs ensure that he has completed an entire chapter of his book in one day.

Eddie is astonished at this and his publisher even more so. He gets another chance from his publisher and his girlfriend also forgives him for his laziness. She decides that they can try being together again. Eddie has become a new person. Someone who sees, learns and experiences things faster. He can achieve more. He would like to remain this person. He is therefore looking for more NZT to remain fantastic. NZT-48 is after a while worked out again and then Eddie’s ‘normal’, lazy life starts again.

Eddie’s life takes an unexpected turn when he’s introduced to NZT. Especially when he gets his hands on more NZT. Writing is no longer his passion, he has much more potential. He can become a millionaire, achieve real milestones. NZT-48 makes his life so much better than it was and than he could have ever imagined.

That a smart drug can change life in such a way sounds great. Increasing motivation and decreasing laziness is a dream for everyone. This way you can do more in the same time and also do it with a better result. Today, a milder form of a type of NZT is available. These smart drugs are called nootropics. They make you more productive and give you extra motivation. Achieving extreme things like Eddie did in Limitless is still a long way off, but achieving more through the nootropics is of course possible. Just think what you can do with higher productivity! Be inspired by a great story from Eddie and make it your story to a certain extent.

Despite several studies on nootropics, no health claim can and should not be made on the effect and properties of the products. Read the instructions before use!