Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions applicable to the legal relationship between the customer and Next Valley

  1. These conditions apply to the legal relationship between Next Valley and the person who has placed an order for a product via the Next Valley website (the “customer” or “customers”). A product consists of the delivery of an object, or a service, or a combination of objects and services provided. Such an object or service is hereinafter generally referred to as a “delivery part”. In these general terms and conditions, the customer is referred to as “he”, “him” or “his” for the sake of brevity. If the customer  is a woman, it should be read as “she” or “her”.
  1. By ordering a product, an agreement is concluded between the customer and Next Valley, on the basis of which Next Valley is obliged to the customer to deliver each delivery part belonging to that product and the customer is obliged to supply each delivery part belonging to that product against to purchase the agreed conditions.
  1. Before being entitled to the product, the customer must pay the agreed fee to Next Valley’s bank account. Payment must be made using [either PayPal or Ideal or a credit card acceptable to Next Valley]. These are payment services provided by third parties, for which Next Valley is not responsible.
  1. If the customer is of the opinion that a delivery part received by him is defective or otherwise does not comply with the agreement, he must report this to Next Valley immediately and in any case within one week of receipt. To the extent that the delivery part is an object, the customer must return that delivery part to Next Valley within that period. Next Valley will make every effort to rectify shortcomings (or have them repaired). In the event of a non-conforming delivery, Next Valley has no further obligations than the obligation to repair.
  1. The customer is responsible for assessing whether the use of a delivery part poses a risk to the life and health of the customer, his housemates or visitors. Next Valley is not liable for damage resulting from the use of a delivery part, unless the customer proves that the damage is the result of intent or willful recklessness on the part of Next Valley.
  1. Some objects are offered in a limited edition. Next Valley is not liable if an object is no longer available while the website indicated otherwise.
  1. If Next Valley is unable to deliver a delivery part as a result of the death, bankruptcy or failure of a supplier in any way, or for any other cause beyond the control of Next Valley, it is not liable to the customer for this.
  1. Pursuant to the Distance Selling Act (Articles 7:46a to 7:46j of the Dutch Civil Code), in principle the customer has the right to terminate the agreement to purchase a delivery part within seven working days after receipt of that delivery part, without stating reasons. terminate, in which case the customer is entitled to a refund of the amount paid by him and is obliged to return the delivery part. This right of withdrawal does not apply if the delivery part is clearly personal in nature or can deteriorate or become obsolete quickly. If the delivery component consists of a service, the period of seven working days starts from the moment the agreement is concluded and the right of termination does not apply if Next Valley has already started to provide the service before this period has expired.
  1. Any claim the customer wishes to bring against Next Valley in connection with the service will lapse one year after that claim arose.
  1. Next Valley is always entitled to terminate the legal relationship with immediate effect if the customer falls short in his payment obligation and he does not rectify this after being given a period of one week in writing.
  1. Next Valley is entitled to change these terms and conditions. Next Valley will announce a change to the customer by e-mail, observing a period of four weeks. If the customer can demonstrate that the change is so objectionable to him that he cannot reasonably be expected to continue the legal relationship, he can terminate the legal relationship during the aforementioned period of four weeks, subject to a notice period of two months. . During the notice period, the general terms and conditions as they apply before the amendment were applicable. Termination based on this provision does not entitle the customer to compensation or any other form of compensation.

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