For inquiries about your order, always mention your order number.

We notice that PostNL occasionally incorrectly marks the status of mailbox parcels as ‘delivered’ while they are still en route.

This may happen if the postal worker doesn’t have a scanner and the package is automatically registered as ‘delivered’.

Although this system is not ideal, it is the procedure used by PostNL.

We ask you to wait for delivery up to 3 working days and also check with your neighbors to see if the package has been delivered there.

If your package still hasn’t arrived after 3 working days, please let us know. We will then send you a claim form. After filling it out and signing, we will initiate an investigation with PostNL.

In case the delivery service confirms the loss of your order, we will arrange for a new shipment of your order or a refund.

Due to understaffing in customer service, our response time is longer than we would like. We strive to respond within 24 to 48 hours.

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