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Limitless continues!

The high-profile film ‘Limitless’ has been continued in the form of a series at CBS. In this movie ‘Limitless’ we followed the life of Eddie, a hopeless writer who could no longer find motivation for the things in his life. With the smart drug NZT-48, he suddenly became faster, learned better and became a better man. NZT made his life jealous! He earns tons of money, gets his nice girlfriend back and is at least ten steps ahead of everyone else.

Eddie’s storyline continues in the “Limitless” series. He can be seen sharing his secret about NZT with Brian Finch. Finch discovers what NZT can do for him and starts using it. Then Brian is forced to use his enhanced cognition to solve complex police cases. After all, he seems very smart and thoughtful. He can also retrieve memories in no time. Because of the large amount of information he has as a result, he is capable of many things. Where other people couldn’t go any further, Brian continues. Eddie has since become a possible presidential candidate. He uses his power over Brian to get things done with the police. That puts them both at risk.

Brian teams up with Special Agent Rebecca Harris. She is a great researcher with a very dark past. Special Agent Boyle is also a colleague of Brain. He is a former military officer. NZT-48 makes Brian a sort of super agent. No FBI agent is better or smarter than him. That makes Brian the worst nightmare of criminals and the showpiece of the FBI agency. Together with his colleagues, he gets everything done. Victims and relatives can really rest in this way. Criminals get what they really deserve. This of course promises to be a series full of action and drama.

So NZT allows Brian to achieve good things. Bad people are arrested and the police are helped. That gives Brian a good image. However, by teaming up with Eddie, he is also doing bad again. This beautiful counterpart gives the series surprising twists. NZT is actually the subject of this series. These smart drugs make everything possible! It’s cool to know that these smart drugs also exist in our real life, in a different form. There are so-called nootropics in circulation. These smart drugs ensure that you can work more concentrated, have more energy and that you can get a lot done. This cool form of smart drug is not as powerful as NZT, but it can mean a lot to you!

Despite several studies on nootropics, no health claim can and should not be made on the effect and properties of the products. Read the instructions before use!